Water Treatment Products


  • Increased wear life
  • Lower power consumption
  • Increased efficiency
  • Reduced capital cost
  • Easy operation and maintenance

Optimised millMAX design for highest efficiency in medium duty applications

Our centrifugal millMAX-e small slurry pump design increases wear life and provides higher efficiency to your plant processing applications.


Advanced small slurry pump technology

Mining operations around the world rely on the long wear life characteristics of our KREBS® millMAX™ small slurry pumps.

Like all the pumps in the KREBS family, the millMAX-e Pump includes the patented suction side sealing system. This technology sets us apart from other pump manufacturers because it reduces wear by maintaining suction side clearances within the pump. The controlled clearances reduce internal recirculation and eliminate the grinding between the impeller and suction side. The result allows users to maintain constant flow, pressure, and efficiency as the pump wears, without having to speed up the pump. This extends the life of all wet end parts and reduces power consumption.

Maximise efficiency / reduce cost

Our hydraulically advanced, maintenance friendly slurry pump enables you to downsize your drive motor, which serves to ultimately minimise your cost, while maximising your efficiency. With its low upfront cost and increased power savings, the millMAX-e medium duty slurry pump can pay for itself in less than a year of operation. 

Our millMAX-e small slurry pump maintains a constant operating speed and does not grind particles, it naturally lasts longer and consumes less power (up to 30% less). Additionally, because the wear ring is adjustable while in operation, you achieve a constant flow and pressure, without having to speed up the pump. This extends the life of all wet end parts and further reduces power consumption.