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Founders Message

With over couple of decade combined experience in the area of project & service - sales, marketing & distribution of product, equipments service, system & technology, facilities management and intelligence & defense project, equipments and system providers for the various industries, BANGLAMARK provides and coordinates sales, marketing, service, proejct consultancy, project management, mechanical installation, training, customer service and support to our client. We are a dedicated to provide one-stop solution. BANGLAMARK is a team of the leading suppliers of oil & gas division, energy & power division, intelligence & defense division, equipment division, environmental division and industries. Under common leadership, BANGLAMARK is a single resource for all our scope of commerce for your industries. BANGLAMARK is stronger than ever. When you go with us, you get the power, support, and expertise of all. BANGLAMARK keeps the focus on customer needs and the evolution of resource. So if you are looking for a partner who can provide state-of-the-art & one stop business solutions for you, trust the leader & stay with leader.

Rob Steven
Director General

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