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Dredging & Reclamation

Banglamark is professional Dredging and Reclamation Company in Bangladesh. Get the complete Geotube Technology Services in Bangladesh.


Dredging is a process where excavation is carried out either naturally deposited sediments or man made debris such as rocks, bottom sediments, construction debris, and refuse, and plant or animal matter on the bottom of either shallow seawater or freshwaters. In general terms, dredging implies digging up of the gathered sediments from the seabed and disposing them off at some other site. We do all types of land development with dredging and protection system with special geotube technology. We are working in Bangladesh Government Economic zones and private owned lands to develop by dredging as well as shore protection by geotube technology.

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Shore Protection Technology

Shoreline protection is used to decrease or eliminate coastal erosion of any raised land or soil. Sea level is rising everyday and many coastal areas have become highly developed for different types of projects. Shoreline erosion is an issue for every coastal project where we provide the solution for protecting land from damaging and erosion. Different types of shore protection systems are there. Seawalls, Bulkheads, Groins, Jetties, Breakwaters are few of them. Geotube technology is very widely used here for shore protection and we are expertized in geotube technology for shoreline protection system.

Geotube Technology

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