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FLOKOIN is a new modern coupon website and app established by BANGLAMARK Information and Technology Division. It is an international website providing services in Bangladesh and other countries in Asia like Singapore and Malaysia. FloKoin pays a vital role in saving while shopping as it provides a wide range of,

  • Coupons
  • Offers
  • Discounts
  • Paid Deals etc.

Our objective is to bring merchants and users in one platform offering benefits to both. We show various offers, deals, coupons in our platform so that the users can easily get any of them at any time. Merchants or businesses can readily advertise their products as well as brands through FloKoin. This is the best platform for new merchants to advertise their products and brands and gain familiarity and for existing merchants as well to retain customers.


Our mission is to be world’s renowned coupon website with the increase of sales to businesses through popularity among consumers.


Our vision is to provide online as well as offline shoppers with exclusive discounts so that they can do flexible shopping with less money.

We can be helpful for your business as we can,

  • Increase sales and growth of your business
  • Do marketing and branding of your business
  • Reach a vast number of customers
  • Gain customer loyalty
  • Generate additional traffic to your website (if exists)
  • Provide speedy promotions compared to traditional marketing
  • Provide a platform to sell clearance products


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