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Key benefits


  • Simple and reliable
  • Reduce compressor maintenance

  • Increase productivity

  • Go longer between refills

  • Minimise wastev

Precise, reliable lubrication

Three systems designed to increase the llfe and productivity of your Ful-Vane™ Compressor

If your Ful-Vane™ Compressor goes down, your conveying line suffers. You’re left to deal with the cost and productivity impact of repairs. Don’t let it get that far. With proper lubrication, you can extend the life of your compressor and maximise performance, ensuring your conveying operation keeps moving.

We have three Ful-Lube™ lubrications systems, designed specifically to meet the requirements of your Ful-Vane™ Compressor:
•    Ful-Lube™ 2 – A simple and reliable lubrication system that keeps your Ful-Vane™ rotary vane compressor properly lubricated for up to 30 days without refilling
•    Ful-Lube™ 3 – A PLC-based lubrication system that precisely delivers oil to each lubrication point and monitors your compressor’s operating parameters.
•    Ful-Lube™ PLUS – Building on the functions of the Ful-Lube™ 3, this lubrication system is able to control the compressor and its auxiliary equipment.

Precise lubrication and compressor monitoring in one system

Automatically set the precise rate for lubrication delivery, reduce wastage and optimise compressor performance with the Ful-Lube™ 3 system.

Delivering the right amount of oil to each lubrication point can make the difference between optimum compressor performance and failure. Our Ful-Lube™ 3 lubrication system uses simple,
PLC-based automation to deliver the right amount of oil to each point, based on the application and compressor size. Accurate and precise to within +/-2%, this system not only protects your compressor but also your bottom line, by eliminating oil waste and reducing maintenance.

The 3-inch monochrome touchscreen HMI gives you the ability to monitor and control operating parameters, enabling you to:

•    Make quick and easy adjustments to lube rate
•    Undertake automatic oil line purging
•    Confirm that the oil has reached all of the lubrication points (also be shown through the sensor’s indicator lights)
•    Monitor discharge air pressure and temperature, cooling water flow, and intake filter dP
•    Display the data log runtime, lubrication cycles and oil consumption
•    Integrate the system’s interface signals into the compressor package controls or the plant’s DCS
•    Program alarms to alert you to compressor subsystem malfunctions – aiding troubleshooting and helping to prevent unplanned downtime

Local and remote discharge pressure and temperature indications are also provided when the transmitters are connected to the unit. The Ful-Lube™ 3’s 30-gallon tank ensures you can go at least 30 days without refilling. The tank is equipped with a level switch
and optional heater to further optimise performance, while an oil pressure transmitter provides real-time readings.

In addition, the risk of belt failures – a problem with older lube systems – has been eliminated thanks to the 0.5 HP motor direct drive pumping arrangement.