Water Treatment Products


  • Finer, sharper separations at high capacities
  • High efficiency with fewer cyclones
  • High feed density without sacrificing performance
  • Extended liner wear life
  • Easy retrofit installations

Innovative hydrocyclone design

KREBS® gMAX® Cyclones incorporate improved geometry enhancing our inlet head, cylinder section, cones and apex. The result? Finer, sharper particle separations and significantly advanced performance for your operation.


Enhance your fine-particle separation with patented technology

Our gMAX technology minimises turbulence and maximises tangential velocity to give you better performance.

gMAX® patented technology

We used computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses to create a design that features more sharply angled upper cones and longer, angled lower cones. This combination maximises tangential velocity in the upper part of the cyclone. It also provides a long residence time in the critical separation zones of the cyclone’s lower section. 

With gMAX, you get cyclones that work more efficiently at higher capacities and with less maintenance. Enjoy increased throughput
at a lower operating cost.

gMAX® large cyclone manifold

Our design engineers create custom manifolds for your specific applications. Our manifold designs permit convenient removal of any cyclone without disturbing the other cyclones or disassembling the manifold system. Various materials of construction are used to ensure compatibility with the slurry.


Higher performance cyclone; lower capital cost

Finer, sharper separations at high capacities

A combination of more sharply angled upper cones, followed by longer, angled lower cones maximises tangential velocity in the upper part of the cyclone and provides a long residence time in the lower section. The result is a substantially finer separation, with fewer fines in the underflow and less coarse material in the overflow.

High efficiency and feed density with fewer cyclones

The gMAX Cyclone inlet and cylindrical sections operate at a higher capacity. Fewer cyclones are required to process your feed with the high performance that was previously only achievable using many small diameter cyclones at a much higher capital cost. 

Low cyclone inlet pressure and extended wear life

The advanced design of the gMAX Cyclone reduces turbulence at the inlet and the misplacement of material to the overflow to extend your liner wear life. Premium ceramics in the lower section of the cyclone also boost overall wear life, increasing the intervals between complete cyclone rebuilds.

Easy retrofit installations

Our gMAX is easily retrofittable into existing installations to boost your throughput and produce finer separations.