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  • Equipment, Valves & Accessories

Equipment, Valves & Accessories

Marine Boilers

Boilers are one of the essential equipment onboard ships. Its purpose is to provide heating to the main diesel propulsion engine, to the bunker F.O. tanks (to make it less viscous for transfer purposes as well as easy ignition). The steam generated by the boiler can also be used for cleaning, and heating of the seawater in the freshwater generator thus evaporating it to make it potable water. There are two types of boiler mainly use in the Marine Industry, The water-tube boilers and the fire-tube boilers. The most common of which is the water-tube. In the water-tube type, water passes though lines of tube where it is heated by the use of a burner and a furnace.

Air Compressor

A marine air compressor provides compressed air for various purposes on a ship. An air compressor is one of the most important equipment on a ship which needs special care and routine maintenance

Electrical Equipment

Marine electronics refers to electronics devices designed and classed for use in the marine environment on board ships and yachts where even small drops of salt water will destroy electronics devices. Therefore, the majority of these types of devices are either water resistant or waterproof. Such as-

  • Navigation light
  • Remote Control Searchlight
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Explosion Proof light
  • Flood light/searchlight

Marine Valve

There are a lot of valves that are used in Marine sector. As like-

Swing Check Valve
A swing valve is a butterfly-style check valve in which the disc, the movable part to block the flow, swings on a hinge or trunnion, either onto the seat to block reverse flow or off the seat to allow forward flow.

Safety Relief Valve
The primary function of Safety Relief Valves is the protection of life, property and environment. A Safety Relief Valve is a device designed to protect a pressurized vessel or system against over-pressure should all other safety systems fail.

Butterfly Valve
The Butterfly valve is used to regulate and control, throttle the flow. They are featured by a fast operation and low-pressure drop. To make an open position from the closed, it requires only a quarter turn.

SDNR Valve
Screw down non-return globe valves also known as SDNR globe valves are used to prevent reverse flow when in the open position and for providing a leak-tight shut off with the capability of being used partially open to regulate flow.

Fire Fighting Appliances

Firefighting Equipment
Firefighting equipment is equipment designed to extinguish fires or protect the user from fire. It may be used by trained fire fighters, untrained users at the scene of a fire, or built into a building's infrastructure (such as a sprinkler system). They are-

  • Air Breathing Apparatus
  • Emergency Escape Breathing Device
  • Fire Extinguisher Accessories
  • Fire Fighter outfit & Safety Device
  • Fire Hose Coupling
  • Fire Hydrant
  • Hose
  • Other Fire-Fighting Equipment

Life Saving Appliances
Ship specialized equipment and accessories for rescue or salvage collectively when in danger. On ship can be configured separately in the sea of floating or running a variety of life-saving tools. Commonly used lifesaving equipment with a

  • Life Boat
  • Life Raft
  • Life Buoy
  • Life Jackets
  • Life-Saving Immersion suit

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