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  • Ride Sharing Service

Ride Sharing Service - Hurry Up

HURRY UP is coming with a new feature which covers online platforms and apps that bring together passengers and drivers. We are making your drives quicker and less expensive. Our exceptionally prepared, decentralized armada of Bike, CNG and Cars guarantee the most productive method of transportation in the roads of Bangladesh. By utilizing restrictive innovation, we give first class benefit at absolute lower costs. Our ride sharing based app has come up with new ideas for making a fruitful change to the scene of driving in Bangladesh that is bidding. You can choose your comfortable fare from uncountable drivers. The comfort of on- request rides combined with unsurpassable valuing has settled on HURRY UP the most prevalent decision among the educated clients in Bangladesh. HURRY UP is bringing absolute innovative features by which driver and user can choose their own price of situational need. Our tech-driven arrangements are unprecedented regarding the nature of administration and also accommodation. Right now accessible in Dhaka, Chottogram, Sylhet and Cox bazar. We are buckling down each day to make HURRY UP accessible over each locale in Bangladesh. Much obliged to you for remaining with us.

What makes us different?

Reverse Bidding: As we all know, in the standard ride-sharing platform, a customer has to book a ride on his downloaded application, and it will show the fixed value that customers need to pay to reach your destination. In peak hour or at bad weather or If there are multiple people taking the ride, then the customer either has to try multiple times, which can be a waste of his valuable time or pay more to get the ride.

Among many unique features, Hurry Up brings the users and drivers to a new era of ride-sharing history! The first ride-sharing app in Bangladesh offers Bidding and Reverse Bidding, where both customer and driver can choose his preferable ride.

When a customer makes a request for a ride to a destination, nearby available drivers will get the request with overall ride details, including estimated fare. From that option, drivers can bid, which could be either higher or lower than the estimated fare and after considering bid fares, customers will have the option to choose from offered bids based on the preferred price and ride accordingly!

Customers can track the driver's real time location on the map and know the estimated time of driver arrival.

SOS Button: HURRY UP's main responsibility is to make the customer safe to reach the destination at a low cost. To ensure customer safety, Hurry Up has the SOS button, where customers can make a call to 999(National Helpline Number), if h/s face any problem while taking a ride. He can also share his ride status to his selected emergency contact number.

As like a customer, the driver will also get a help (999) button when the ride is in progress.

For any complaint, users can contact us as well. We are always ready to support. Reach us in our contact number or chat with us.

SSL Payment: We are always ready to serve the better service to make sure customer satisfaction. To do that, we’ve proposed a feature where customers can choose their payment mode (Cash or SSL) before booking. If a customer selects SSL, he can pay through mobile wallet or card. SSL commerz is the most secure, centralized and easy to use payment gateway in Bangladesh.

Tips: Tipping is an easy way to say thanks and appreciate driver’s service. Hurry Up Captain can be rewarded directly from a customer. Customers can tip the rider if they fulfill the criteria of being great.

How can I become a Hurry Up captain? What are the requirements?

You can register using the Hurry Up Captain App or can directly visit our office. Hurry Up Office Address: 6/A Navana Sylvania, Nodda, Baridhara, Dhaka- 1212. Required documents:

For Bike:

  • Driver Image
  • NID/Passport
  • Driving License
  • Registration Paper
  • Insurance (Optional)

For Car:

  • Driver Image
  • NID/Passport
  • Driving License
  • Registration Paper
  • Insurance
  • Fitness

For CNG:

  • Driver Image
  • NID/Passport
  • Driving License
  • Registration Paper
  • Insurance
  • Fitness (Optional)

How to use a HURRY UP ride?

To use our service you have to send a ride request using your HURRY UP app. To use our service as a user you have to download the app from google play store, apple store. After downloading the app select your pickup and drop off location and then select ‘Send pickup request. The nearest User/captain will pick you up.


Enter your destination address in the "Destination" box.

Your default pickup point is set to your current GPS location. If you are not being picked up at your current location, tap your pickup location on the map and update the address Tap the icons at the bottom of your screen to select vehicle option (for example, Bike, Standard car, Premium car, CNG).

Tap "Vehicle icon." Just above the car options to view your fare. Confirm request

Wait for a driver to accept your request.

When your request has been accepted, you'll see your driver's location on your map and an estimated time of arrival at your pickup location.

Your app will notify you when your driver is close to your pickup location.

Hurry Up Safety

Verified drivers

Only verified captains can accept your ride request. Our drivers’ documents are fully verified online to ensure maximum safety.

Choose your driver

Choose the best captain based on their ratings and previous rides history.

Stay in control of your ride

This app has a dedicated 999 button which will instantly connect you to the National Emergency Helpline to ensure maximum safety. Share your ride information i.e. captain’s name, Vehicle number, route and current location with your family and friends.

Website: www.movehurryup.com

User App: Google Play App Apple Store App

Rider App: Google Play App Apple Store App

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